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Was wondering what was the last Apple product you got and why?

I bought years ago my first iMac computer

Sometime after that I got my very first and the very first iPhone ever released. (I still have that iphone, not on and working or anything but just saying I still have it).

Sense that first iphone I bought most of the iphones that came out, (maybe not every single one but most). Now I have the iPhone7+.

I think I am on my 3rd MacBookPro laptop computer. 🙂


Plus like you saw in two of my last post, I also have the apple watch too.

Oh, I also have the Apple AirPort Extreme for my internet wireless router.

I even listened to the Steve Jobs book on audio sometime last year and really enjoyed it.

If I was ever going to travel abroad for a long time I would really only be attached to taking my core apple products with me… and I would worry a bit about the safety of them, both in regarding water damage if it rains or theft.

It’s always a bonding comradery thing when you (I) meet someone else that also loves their apple products too.

And there is a bit of an inside joke or playing around when you meet someone that is not a fan of Mac products, like “you lost points from me” kind of thing.

One of the things I have always loved about Apple is that their operating system feels Zen to me.

Plus it’s nice that your Apple stuff is immune to getting viruses for the most part. Not that I am on so called bad sites or anything, but just saying, you know?

Feel free to contact me and tell me all about your favorite Apple Tech gadgets.






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Hi there… Do you have a Apple Watch?

I have to admit I do love my new Apple Watch.

After going probably a good decade or so without ever wearing a watch, but loving my other Apple products, I finally got an Apple Watch. I do enjoy it very much.

My Apple Watch

Breathe And Meditate Notification

Are you a meditator that don’t meditate enough?

I love that my Apple Watch periodically notifies me and tells me it’s time to take a minute out of my day and breathe.

That’s awesome because I used to be more into meditation.

I’ve been slacking as of late so it’s always a nice reminder to stop what I’m doing and take a few minutes to breathe.

It’s healthy to meditate and get back in my body a little bit from the hustle and bustle of the day.

Sales Notifications

Do you make money online?

Another thing I love about my Apple Watch is that when I’m working throughout the day and I get online sales… my Apple Watch will notify me and tell me that I just made some money online…

All on auto pilot and on automation. That’s one of the greatest things in the world to see a notification for.

Wouldn’t you agree?

I really love that about my Apple Watch and appreciate the ease of just looking at my arm to see that I made money online.

Exercise Activity Notifications

Do you exercise enough?

My Apple Watch notifies me and tells me how much exercise and activity that I’ve been doing each today.

It tells me how much I’ve been standing today and moving today, on each and every day basis.

So that’s really cool because it’s good to see that I could have goals and meet my goals without even trying really.

Just going throughout my day doing my normal activities and daily routines that I would normally do anyways…

Having the Apple Watch to track my movements.

Tracking when I’m standing and tracking when I’m exercising, lets me know how I’m doing periodically.

At the end of the day I could see how well I did and if I met my goals or not of exercise.

Moving and keeping my body healthy.

Phone Call Notifications

The other cool thing that I really love about my Apple Watch is that when I get a phone call on my iPhone it’ll show up on my Apple Watch.

I can see who’s calling me.

It’s Awesome!

If I want to answer it or not I can just press the red button to hang up or green button to answer it.

If I press the green button to answer, I can even hear and talk to the other person, on the other line right on my arm…

How cool is that?

Awesome right!


A really cool thing is the navigation when I’m driving and I got the Maps directing me to my destination…

It’ll beep and vibrate and let me know that a new direction is coming up soon and I may need to turn or what not, that’s pretty cool too.

Just like the last time I visited beautiful Northern California.

I was driving around this badass BMW with tinted windows in Sonoma County. The navigation on my arm told me exactly where to go and when to turn, on my way up through the Golden gate Bridge heading north on 101.

Well I hope you liked my post here and if you did please feel free to like it and share on your social networks.

Also let me know if you have a Apple Watch two, and if you love it or hate it.

Thanks and see you next time on my blog,

PS. Here’s a video I found on Youtube if you are thinking about getting a new Apple Watch:


















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Apple App Site Association

Posted By on Mar 10, 2017

I am wondering what Apple App Site Association is… Does anyone know?

Someone mentioned Apple App Site Association to me and I tried looking it up but still not sure what it means.

I mean I am kind of a tech person and this is a bit over my head at the moment. From what I can tell it has to do with a bit of Apple’s html coding stuff.

I do have a love for Apple products and Apple apps and just PCs in general but I don’t really know coding or HTML coding or PHP coding or how to create apps.

This is what shows in Google:

Apple App Site Association

If I did understand Apple app site association, what would I do with it and how would I use it correctly?

And what’s the benefits of knowing how to work with it? Is it something worth learning about or not really… In what context is this phrase referring to?


its says this:

apple-app-site-association —with examples

“apple-app-site-association” file

One file for each domain, both www.example.com and example.com need separate files:

    "applinks": {
        "apps": [],
        "details": {
            "9JA89QQLNQ.com.apple.wwdc": {
                "paths": [

I just don't know that this means... maybe I am slow but I don't get it. 
do you understand this stuff?

I feel like I need to go to HTML school or watch some trainings to learn 
all the stuff. 
It's probably on YouTube for another site that can teach me a lot more 
about this than a coding.

I do have really cool app creations ideas that I would like to create 
at some point. 
So maybe it would be good to understand this a lot better.


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Do You Have A Apple Watch?

Posted By on Mar 10, 2017

My next post I will share what I love about my new Apple Watch…

So stay tuned and feel free to contact me and let me know if you have an Apple Watch and what you love about your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch

next post comes tomorrow.. come back soon!

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In the spring of 2015 Apple has brought us a new laptop! The 13-inch MacBook Pro had my interest from the very announcement, since the previous generations of MacBook Pros has been very dear to me.

Still, only minor changes in the overall specifications have happened with the MacBook Pro and I knew that the basic aluminum unibody chassis will be still there, so I was eager to see what Apple had to offer this time. Other premium laptops have by this time have mainly undergone various changes regarding their bodies, touchscreens, hybrid hinges and new graphic cards and even 4K displays. That being said, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air have pretty much kept their look and feel the same for the past years. But, I was still excited about the latest edition.

The Apple Mac version released in the spring of 2015, kept the same body and high-resolution Retina Display as before, it had some spec upgrades though. The Intel’s fifth-generation Core of the i-series chip has been replaced by Broadwell – which came as a disappointment. The performance jump was way too small, and it was supposed to give the battery a boost in its life time and boost the speed of the laptop – both of which I failed to experience as a user, even though perhaps the improvement is there it is certainly not as significant to be objectively seen as a user.

The price did not surprise me, the same $1,299 (which is the starting price) has also remained for the MacBook Pro, as well as the name and the fact that the manufacturer is Apple.

Moving on to trackpad, it looked and felt like many of Apple’s standard trackpads, but it had a new click-free design that managed to mimic the feel of a pad that could be physically pressed.

My Feedback

My concern with Apple is why would they even put out a laptop that basically has all the same components and performs actually almost the same as the previous new-macbook-pro-2015-impressionsone in their Apple laptop lineup, and this is something I encounter too much in the tech world. The potential customers are actually denied of any improvement in the laptop and they believe they are getting the latest premium-priced laptop. The exterior is the same and the interior of the Apple mac is pretty much the same and the only reason why Apple is distributing new premium-priced laptops is to attract customers to spend more money. While I understand that it is necessary for their company to make money, I disagree that as a potential customer I should spend money on a toy I do not need. Therefore, if you have a premium-priced laptop, I would rather wait for some significant changes that readily change my laptop right away when the latest edition is distributed.

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