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I think the first PC I got was when I was 18 or so, feels like a bit late in the game, it took me awhile but I cop on eventually and learned my way around both the Internet and my computers overtime.

If you are new or just starting and I know from experience and believe that you could learn what you need to learn to so that you could become fanatical about your computers, and navigate your way around your own PC Mac Apple products as well as the Internet.

Now I even have a Apple Watch.

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My Apple Watch

Do you have questions or concerns about your computers or Mac PCs?

I would love to know what your best and favorite Apple Mac products and services are, if you would like to share with me those things.

I am here to help the best I can… I do have a deep passion and love for both helping and apple mac products, so please reach out if you wish to connect with me.

Are you also in love with your Mac product and want to chat about them with me? you can leave your comments on my blog if you like… or try to contact me below.

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