What Is The Last Apple Product You Bought?

Posted By Kevin Collins on Apr 8, 2017 |

Was wondering what was the last Apple product you got and why?

I bought years ago my first iMac computer

Sometime after that I got my very first and the very first iPhone ever released. (I still have that iphone, not on and working or anything but just saying I still have it).

Sense that first iphone I bought most of the iphones that came out, (maybe not every single one but most). Now I have the iPhone7+.

I think I am on my 3rd MacBookPro laptop computer. 🙂


Plus like you saw in two of my last post, I also have the apple watch too.

Oh, I also have the Apple AirPort Extreme for my internet wireless router.

I even listened to the Steve Jobs book on audio sometime last year and really enjoyed it.

If I was ever going to travel abroad for a long time I would really only be attached to taking my core apple products with me… and I would worry a bit about the safety of them, both in regarding water damage if it rains or theft.

It’s always a bonding comradery thing when you (I) meet someone else that also loves their apple products too.

And there is a bit of an inside joke or playing around when you meet someone that is not a fan of Mac products, like “you lost points from me” kind of thing.

One of the things I have always loved about Apple is that their operating system feels Zen to me.

Plus it’s nice that your Apple stuff is immune to getting viruses for the most part. Not that I am on so called bad sites or anything, but just saying, you know?

Feel free to contact me and tell me all about your favorite Apple Tech gadgets.